Owning a PS3 in 2017

  Released 10 years ago the PlayStation 3 is still pretty much used by most people today. From the days of the FAT PlayStation 3 to the Super-slim PS3 it’s still one of the go to consoles. Over 10 million people still own one and some just can’t let it go. But the question here […]

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When was in school, the best method of teaching was watching a teacher write on blackboard with a chalk and explains and then you pray to God that you can understand what they were telling you. To be clear here I’m not talking about game like Minecraft or subways surfers or any of those high […]


PC gaming vs Console gaming

So the question here is: Should you buy a Console or PC for gaming? Most gamers ask the question of what gaming platform should they purchase. Most people find it hard to choose, well if you’re reading this post,  you’re welcome. PRICE AND COST The starting price of a PC is mostly around $800 compared […]

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