10 Types Of Gamers


What is Gaming?

Gaming is the act of playing video games.

Well that was my definition as a kid.

Once upon a time Gaming was something only a number of finite people did . It was a fun hobby only for geekiest of geeks.

But nowadays all sort of people game. And by “Sort” meaning everybody. But the question is what type of gamer are you?.

As the title above said there are several types of gamers around and here are 10 I’ve spotted

10.  Casual


They are gamers who don’t have any favorite type of game because they haven’t played one, watch video game contents on YouTube or Twitch and believe playing shooter games would make you violent.

They have high scores in games like Temple Run, Candy Crush, Angry Birds. Well basically they press One or Two buttons.


9. Hardcore


Theses are gamers they would prefer to build their own desktop rig that is perfectly designed to handle the latest games.  For them gaming is all and be all. Console gaming isn’t enough.

8. Story obsessive


These gamers play games just for amazing storyline presentation. They don’t get crazy about what platform they game is on. Most of this gamers play RPG or JRPG in particular every moments counts, no detail should be missed and no skip on the cut scenes. Gaming is like a movie to them.

7. Online Only


Gamers that are always online busy trashing some guy or gal in an Overwatch game. For them old school gaming (no internet) is out dated. Gamers of this type are attached to MMOs and WARGAMEs.

I belong here.


6. All about the Graphics (Graphics Obsessive)


All they care about is how beautiful the game and how well detailed it is visually. These sort of gamers can have a PC or Console and wait till a group of friends show up before they next turn on their system.

They tend to buy the last games and cool accessories out in market or do a pre-order just because they need to, most don’t play games and well You know the REST.


5. Solo

In contrast to the online gamers these type of gamer is an old-fashioned type of person. Playing a game where the Internet is not required. Solo or solitary gamers dislike playing with others, they however prefer gaming of a Playstation 1 console to a Playstation 4, or take up a Nintendo 64 handheld game and They believe gaming show be a solo thing.

4. THE Completionist


The ultimate nerds gaming they take gaming to the extreme ever if the game is boring they make sure the finish the game to completion. Unlocking every level, getting a completion of 100% and unlocking every trophy available in the game.

However this type of gamers playing every mission and side quests mission till the game has non-left. To felt complete is to goto every inch of the game even when the game has multiple endings they make such they see every ending even if it means playing the game all over again.

3. ?????????

Really didn’t know what title to give this gamers.

This gamers all they do is whin, whin and whin, give all sort of complains here and there about why they didn’t win a round of Injustice 2 going on and on and on.

Gamers of the categories all you have to do is just allow them win.

2. Retro Gamers

Of all gamers they ancient of gamers. This gamers believe everything went wrong when gaming was introduced to new technology from cartridges to CD. You could have the PS3, PS4 and the Bluray, HD whatever these gamers don’t care at all.

Games like Sonic, Super Mario, Tank, Contra are believed to be the best games ever. Consoles such as Sega Mega Drive and Polystation.

1. Indie

Artistic game are of this categories. This gamers play games that aren’t mainstream yet and even when they become mainstream gamers play these games all over again.

Most Indie title games are small and very innovative. And mostly Indie games are titled indie because of poor quality and poor finances.


Loot boxes

Blizzard Entertainment

They are in-game treasure which are purchased to enhance players playing experience containing virtual items. Players can spending hours grinding to purchase this boxes using in-game virtual currency or spend real-world money.

Video game publisher like, EA (Electronics Art) and Activision Bizzard are been forced by countries like Belgium and Netherlands to take action to remove or modify or remove them from their games.

Starwar Battlefront 2 a game that was criticised by new and old fan alike because of the lootboxes which forced players to unlock key Star wars characters to progress throught the game for completion, attained by hours of “grinding”.


Tekken 7 is a fighting game by Bandai Namco Entertainment and $304 worth of awesome stuff. For more info check

Humble BANDAI NAMCO Bundle 3


People consider this as gambling as players are using real money to make microtransactions based on chance. Other gaming governing bodies like Pan European Game Information (PEGI), Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB), UK gambling commission do not consider loot boxes as gambling. But the UK gambling commission has put a warning across parents that gambling and gaming are becoming blurred and should be proactive about their children on gaming online.

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Most Played PlayStation 4 video games ever made.

The PlayStation 4 has been around for about five years now. With a huge title of games worth pouring your hours into. The PlayStation has the largest number of video games till date excluding the exclusives games. But here are the best games played on the PlayStation 4.

Monster Hunter: World


World evolves around a team of four players with different skill set and weapons taking down huge monsters for rewards. The Monster hunter series has prided themselves to be one of the games with extreme difficulty. Associated with a well detailed skill system and a big coordinated teamwork to bring down huge monsters.

Resident Evil 2 (2019)


The Resident Evil series brings an action of close and gore. This game is a remake of the 1998 game Resident evil 2. A 1998 game brought back with a new 4k package and wonderful textures alongside new design , enough to bring back nostalgia.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt


The Witcher 3 deserve its place among the best RPG games. The Witcher 3 from top to bottom offers players with an RPG experience wrapped around an ambitious package, which means it excels compared to other RPGs in quest depth. Every story mission or side quest. This game comes to life with a cinematic feel to, with the player interacting with characters, a high pitched voice.



A game with teams of six, every player’s responsibilities are huge. The Adrenaline rush fro, OverWatch has made the game stand the test of time, making OverWatch a mush-have for PS4 owners.

The game comes packed with a huge varieties of hero making every hero play-style different meaning you always have a way of dismantling you opponent.

Marvel’s SpiderMan (2018)


In my defense I’ve never played this game before but I’m imma talk based on YouTube gameplay footage.

A game staged in New York with our friendly neighborhood SpiderMan swinging around save people and doing a lot of side mission, making fans want more.

Since the release of Marvel Ultimate Alliance this is Marvel Biggest Hit Yet on gaming and one of the easiest games to on this list.


God Of War (2018)


This game was buzzing everywhere on YouTube after its release, making it one of the best games on the PlayStation 4 which also won the “GAME OF THE YEAR” award. Most Old fans of the God of war franchise have all done a marathon on the game from the ps2 to the ps4 just for being a fans sake.


Of all this games list The OverWatch would be one of the games I would play all day given the time.

Till my next Post.

Do have a Happy Weekend.

10 BAD Gaming Habits


Some of these are quite a few of them that we gamers still might be guilty of doing.

Without further ado here we will be reading and counting down ten gaming habits that you and I should stop doing.

10. Playing Too Many Games At Once

Yes, we all have that habit of wanting to play a different game every once in a while maybe after trial and trial to get pass a stage or level in an adventure game you’re already playing.

But in truth all we need doing is just get single game and play it to the core and when tired you take a break or go take a walk.

9. Crusing

At some point we tend to cruse while gaming, now some form of crusing is maybe okay to a point but when you go abit to far you have to take a quick look at yourself at make some correction.

Most gaming tournament don’t tolerate the act of cursing while some can tolerate it to an extent. But in truth we all tend to loss it once in awhile when things do go our way.

8. Slouching


Yep, we all do this in different situations even when not gaming.

Now, a little bit of slouching is all bad but a prolonged session of slouching can affect your spine long term leaving you in an impossible state of trying to stretching.

So remember stop prolonged slouching.

7. Increased sound volume

Blah, We all do this no arguement, all the time when we get this new shining looking headset or when we are just in the mood.

We all can find that sweet spot between a quiet & loud sound and adjust the volume.

6. Irresistilbly Restarting

Admit it we all tend to want to restart a game just because you want to a thing perfect stunt.

But what if we keeping restracting and restracting we would never reach that boss or next area we are to go.

And back when gaming was developing most games didn’t have checkpoints to help the user continue from a saved point

5. Droping/Throwing Controllers

I know for one know that I’ve never thrown a controller say across the room before but dropping a controller was always accidental.

Now the real talk is dropping or throwing a controller is all just an unnecessary thing to do because controllers are all just expensive this days especially the elite controllers.

After throwing a controller and being calm after a while all the regret start to flow.

4. Thinking You’re the Best

For whatever the reason is you simply can only be the best at moment in time, but going into a game thinking you’re the best is just SHALLOW.

3. Battle of the Systems/platform

Don’t go around trashing talking to your friends or gamers around that the system they playing on is not cool, it only makes you look like a douchebag.

Some people do prefer to play on a different console or system for resaons known to them. Others prefer the PC, others the XBOX, others Playstation etc.

2. Getting Hostile

Trashing talk is healthy in a competitive environment but you have to know what lines not to cross when’re you doing it.

You don’t want to be to cancerous in situations and not want to made an example in the process.

1. It’s just a Game

Don’t Forget THAT.




Gamer Problems: Then and Now

Gaming as I know was JUST fun.

But now gaming is just too competitive but still fun.

Everyday, every week and every month  a new title is released.

Less than 30 fps games used to be s**t but now 60 fps and above is the new S**T.

Gaming isn’t fun or competitive for some people but a LUXURY.

Game play used to be the thing now everyone is just after graphics, ultra high, high and others.

Well that’s that.

Below are some very less well-known things about gaming that non-gamers and veteran gamers would agree with me.

THEN: All we wish is for someone to tell or show us what to do.                                      NOW: Stop telling me what to do such as PRESS & HOLD (what ever button?)

THEN: Reach the next Save point and pray for a miracle.                                                            NOW: Autosave, you got that get use to it.

THEN: Sit on couch and wait for your own turn to play.                                                              NOW: You’re doing the waiting.

THEN: Why isn’t the story a bit longer?                                                                                      NOW: Side missions, Character missions. Go get this go get that and so on.

THEN: Send hours trying to get an item.                                                                                        NOW: Get your credit card and buy it. No time wasted.

THEN: Risk Death By Obesity.                                                                                                            NOW: Risk Death by environmental interactive games.

Well That’s that.

Till Next time. Happy Weekend.

Being a PC gamer



  1. Don’t play on PlayStation.
  2. Don’t play on Xbox.
  3. Don’t play in an Arcade.
  4. Don’t play on Nintendo.
  5. Don’t play on Gameboy.
  6. Don’t play on Mobile Phone.
  7. Don’t play on Dreamcast.
  8. Don’t play outside your house.
  9. Don’t cheat or hack.
  11. HAVE FUN.
  12. Don’t play on any handheld device.

Gaming is fun, be it playing in a single player or playing online. Hardcore PC gamer and Casual PC gamer have different point on view.

A Hardcore PC gamer goes as far as .

  1. Researching on what type of CPU, GPU, heat sink, motherboard and hard drive and either assemble it. PcPartPicker is a start.
  2. Check for Overclocking Possibility.
  3. Use HIGH END CARDS and upgrade if needed.WE
  4. Use multiple high-end card using if SLI or crossfire enabled.
  5. Use fast internet connection purchasing the one with fastest speed and test it as advertised.
  6. They stripe multiple hard drive for faster read read/write performance. SSD + HDD.
  7. Find Bottlenecks if any and search through internet forums for solution.
  8. Get a MECHANICAL KEYBOARD and MOUSE and ultrawide 144Hz monitor.
  9. Lastly a gaming Chair.

A Casual PC gamer

  1. Get PC.
  2. Buy and download games based on preferences / get free games (pirating).
  3. Have fun weather it’s Single player / Multiplayer.
  4. Welcome to the PC MASTER RACE.

NO argument.

Emulators could be use since no console is allowed . Well I find it okay because you’re using a keyboard and mouse to control.

To be a TRUE PC GAMER remove the Don’t and capitalize the play to Play.

Till Next Time.

5 Most DISLIKED Call of Duty Trailers On YouTube

When a new gaming trailer comes out after a long time of speculation, thought and the anticipation it becomes a very high surprise that it gets a dislike, dislikes and more dislikes.

Most people(fans) do know and others don’t know what it means to the fans of this franchise fall from great heights.

Counting Down……………………….

1.  Official Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare – Story Trailer

2. Reveal Trailer – Official Call Of Duty Black Ops 2

3. Official Call Of Duty: Blacks Ops III Reveal Trailer

2. Official Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare – Multiplayer Reveal Trailer

1. Official Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare Reveal Trailer

Despite being very success games later after there release it was still very difficult for people to just forget what had happened with the trailer. Most fans never minded what the trailers was all about but were just playing for good old fun.

Trailers and reviews don’t say all about a game and don’t reveal too much either. So judging a book by it’s cover is just your own opinion.

Till Next Time.