Being a PC gamer

  Don’t play on PlayStation. Don’t play on Xbox. Don’t play in an Arcade. Don’t play on Nintendo. Don’t play on Gameboy. Don’t play on Mobile Phone. Don’t play on Dreamcast. Don’t play outside your house. Don’t cheat or hack. BE RESPECTFUL TO OTHER NON PC GAMERS. HAVE FUN. Don’t play on any handheld device. […]

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What is Gamification? The use of elements of game-play in a non-game context It provides incentive for user engagement games help people complete mundane or challenging real-life tasks Common Methods of Gamification Levels Top scores on the leaderboards Progression bar and reward Points, scores and rewards Badges, emblems or design Ways Gamification Drives Engagement Recognition from […]

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Most call of duty die-hard fans have some very memorable COD story they would play a million times and never get tired. Others just start and campaign and end it for some reasons. On this title i’m gonna judge some campaigns based on this elements. A great story, Realistic graphics, what the character has to work […]

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